DS Smith


DS Smith is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index, and a leading British-based provider of corrugated and plastic packaging worldwide; supported by recycling and paper-making operations.

With more than 28,000 employees, DS Smith is committed to ensuring its people understand the core principles associated with the industry they work in.

DS Smith’s work by its nature involves circular economy processes, with prominent messaging around ‘Supply Cycle Thinking’ and ‘The Power of Less’ being adopted as mantras at group level.

"Ditto Sustainability’s platform provides the perfect learning model for us to enhance the knowledge and professionalism of people at all levels in the organisation. A perfect ‘it does what it says on the box’ solution, that was flexible enough to be tailored to suit our brand values and Learning & Development needs."

- Tim Price, Marketing Director, DS Smith

The Challenge

The challenge was to help DS Smith's people understand core business areas operationally and why zero waste, the waste hierarchy and the circular economy are important to DS Smith as a company and its global clients.

Ditto Sustainability worked closely with the Recycling division of DS Smith to provide a comprehensive, bespoke blended learning programme.

The uniquely developed learning programme successfully resulted in:

  • A more time-efficient, cost-effective, sustainable method to train staff.

  • Continuous learning, rather than a one-off training impact; enabled through a subscription service.

  • The fully accredited learning process achieving a 30% increase in DS Smith's knowledge (assessed pre and post learning).
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