NHS Scotland


NHS Scotland currently employs approximately 160,000 staff across 14 territorial NHS Boards, seven special non-geographic health boards and NHS Health Scotland.

Effective waste management and resource efficiency are staples of a progressive circular economy strategy

"Our new reporting system provides a simple yet engaging platform to allow us to better track our waste trends, and we can continue to deliver on our Waste Management Action Plan."

- Wendy Rayner, Chief Sustainability Officer, NHS National Services Scotland

The Challenge

It can be tremendously challenging for organisations that are spread across large geographic areas when using multiple contractors for their waste streams. NHS Scotland's range of activities are highly diverse, which led to complex procurement processes and the generation of multiple waste streams; creating challenges from a data management and compliance perspective.

NHS Scotland needed a nationwide waste management reporting system to support them in monitoring and measuring their waste, trends, and site performance against regulatory requirements, and the requirements specified in the NHS Scotland Waste Management Action Plan.

Using Ditto Sustainability's software, NHS Scotland now has the ability to monitor and manage their waste and resource data for all 14 NHS Boards. Each Board has access to their own data, and Health Facilities Scotland has a holistic view of all national data.
The software allows waste contractors to fulfil their requirements (as specified in the National Non-Healthcare Waste Contract) to upload consistent data per collection point in a timely fashion, incorporating on-board weighing data where appropriate.
A key feature that NHS Scotland requested was allowing NHS staff (Waste Management and Sustainability Managers) to input, update and amend waste data. Using the software, NHS Scotland are now able to readily report their national data.
The dashboards – which monitor historic and current performance at an individual site and at NHS Board level against national targets – finally give NHS Scotland a real-time view with up-to-date information against their Waste Management Action Plan.
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