About Ditto Sustainability

Ditto Sustainability (DS) was originally founded in 2009 as a sustainability consultancy.  Since then our business model has evolved, utilising technology and software as a means to provide and democratise sustainability knowledge.  Our vision is to be the new standard in sustainability software, education and advisory services.


Our Purpose

Sustainability is now mainstream.  We read about the issues on a daily basis; marine plastic pollution, clinical waste being stockpiled at hospitals, textile and clothing manufacturers utilising criminal working practices, or on a macro level, the real, observable impacts of climate change and global warming.

At the most basic market level, ethical consumers are now driving the direction of businesses, whether they like it or not. Business and these lead consumers are hungry for the knowledge to make informed decisions about how an activity or product impacts on future sustainability.

Ethical consumers and investors are now demanding greater quality of information, transparency and accountability in respect of a business’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy but more importantly, their actual performance. 

The traditional way of acquiring such sustainability knowledge is broken, outdated, slow and expensive, being the preserve for consultants to sell at too high a price and too variable in quality.   By democratising sustainability knowledge we can accelerate positive changes in behaviour that benefit the planet now and for future generations.

Ditto Sustainability is perfectly positioned to maximise this market opportunity. Our unique approach combines sustainability knowledge and technology to analyse and interpret complex environmental and social information. This helps our customers understand the material issues and prioritise actions for improvement.