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16 December, 2019

COP25: UN climate change conference, 5 things you needed to know.

Climate change is happening — the world is already 1.1°C warmer than it was at the onset of the industrial revolution, and it is already having a significant impact on the world, and on...

15 November, 2019

Back to Basics

On the 6th - 7th of November I attended Ecomondo, the Green Technology Expo, located near the seaside town of Rimni, Italy. After a relatively pain free, all be it mammoth journey, I arrived...

23 May, 2019

UK Government ban on single-use plastics: comment

The bans on certain types of single use plastics is to be welcomed and will help reduce littering and plastics going to the marine and soil environments.

11 March, 2019

Think Differently. Ditto Sustainability launch the Fire and Rescue e-learning module.

Think differently, the now infamous advertising campaign produced by Apple between 1997 and 2002 highlighted that people who see things differently change things:

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the...

17 December, 2018

Drowning in Plastic

On November 29th I was invited to join Liz Bonnin, BBC environmental documentarist, to talk at the Royal Geographic Society on how we as a Planet are ‘drowning in plastics’ a documentary originally...

9 August, 2018

WHITEPAPER: Achieving the SDGs: A Blueprint for Business Leadership

This edie insight report, produced in collaboration with Ditto Sustainability, provides clear, practical steps that can be taken by sustainability and CSR professionals to embed the Sustainable...

3 August, 2018

Why don’t we have food waste collections across the UK?

The recent report from the Renewable Energy Association (REA) that Defra was not considering mandatory food waste collections in England will disappoint many and make others happy.The losers will...

4 June, 2018

UN World Environment Day 2018: Beat Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day (WED) is an event that has been running since 1974 and is regarded as the ‘UN's most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our...

15 May, 2018

How much do we actually recycle? It cannot be possible!

The consultancy Eunomia published a report recently which lifts the lid on declared recycling figures.Their analysis finally gives some data credibility to what many of us already intuitively...