Obtaining good quality sustainability data and actually determining performance can be challenging.

This can be particularly problematic if you are operating across multiple locations, generating multiple waste streams and working with numerous service providers.

Wouldn’t it be great if your data was automatically analysed and interpreted for you helping your business become more circular?

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Our new reporting system provides a simple yet engaging platform to allow us to better track our waste trends and we can continue to deliver on our Waste Management Action Plan.

- Wendy Rayner, Chief Sustainability Officer, NHS National Services Scotland

Key Features:

Consistently manage both financial and environmental data relating to energy, waste and water across your site portfolio.

Monitor the environmental performance levels of your service providers i.e. waste management contractors.

Establish targets, KPIs and set improvement goals.

Compare and benchmark performance across sites, buildings and resource streams.

Examine the impacts of logistics and infrastructure on performance.

Automate your reports.

Automatically create a carbon footprint analysis.

We have improved in all aspects of our approach to waste generation and resource management since we started work with Ditto Sustainability.

- Juliet Thomas, Assistant Director of Estates, University of Kent