David Newman - BBIA

Take a look at our inaugural session and interview with our good friend, David Newman. Recently ranked #7 in the Resource top 100.

The Year is 2050. It’s a parallel universe. A universe in which we were too ignorant to take the steps required to tackle climate change and global warming.

Britain is now a desertified island.  The Government has fallen. The cities are wastelands. We live as farmers, gatherers and hunters.

Your community must move on to survive.

You must leave everything behind....apart from 7 records, a box set and a gadget. 

Welcome to Desertification island discs. Choose wisely….David Newman.

David was recently announced as Number 7 in the Resource top 100 and is a close friend of Ditto Sustainability having worked for a number of years as our Circular Economy Advisor. We could think of no better candidate to kick off this new series.

David founded the BBIA in 2015 and has been at the forefront of promoting bio-based alternatives to plastic. David is also currently President of the Wold Biogas Association, and is former President of the International Sold Waste Association. A decorated resume if we ever did see one.

We are delighted to launch our brand new feature, Desertification Island Discs. A completely original concept, never tried before...

It's fair to say this is very much a pilot episode; we intend to do 1 a month. Our aim is to hear more from the people that we know and respect working in sustainability. It's about sustainability, music, films, books, things that make us who we are.

First up we have David Newman, a legend in the circular economy and resource management fields. 


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