Andy Cartland - Acre

Andy is the founder of Acre, the market-leader in sustainability and safety recruitment. If you want to know about working or advancing a career in sustainability, Andy is the man to talk with.

The Year is 2050. It’s a parallel universe. A universe in which we were too ignorant to take the steps required to tackle climate change and global warming.

Britain is now a desertified island.  The Government has fallen. The cities are wastelands. We live as farmers, gatherers and hunters.

Your community must move on to survive.

You must leave everything behind....apart from 7 records, a box set and a gadget. 

Welcome to Desertification Island Discs. Choose wisely….Andy Cartland.

Andy is not only a 16 year founder, he is also a trustee at a number of charities.

He is Deputy chair of Global Action Plan and organisation where consumerism meets environmentalism, and also at Plastic Oceans UK a not for proft that looks at science and behaviour change and its affect on plastic entering the oceans. They see plastic as the gateway drug for environmentalism

Andy's interest in sustainability stems from an interest at young age in birds which morphed in marine biology and then a degree in Zoology.

Andy's Twitter profile can be found here, where he can often be seen asking for the identity of a stray Mayfly or dragon fly.

As with most of these recent episodes, we focus on the current pandemic, and its affects on the environmental movement.

Andy also touches on the rise of ESG and the resurgence of companies looking for Climate Change Director



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